Here at Banter King, we strive to produce the naughtiest and funniest gifts, cards and everything in between!

Everything we produce is designed to make you roll on the floor with laughter, while your nan is still trying to figure out if ‘Cunt’ is Latin for ‘Love’

This site is not for the sensitive lot, it’s specifically for you. The one that expresses emotion through profanity! The one who follows an ‘I Love You’ with ‘Ginge Minge’…Yes, we’ve got it all!

Starting off as a comedic social media account, we have now expanded to bring laughter to your doorstep!

Go on, Get your nan drinking tea out of her new, favourite ‘I’m a Cunt’ mug. Spread the profanity, with love!


Yours Disgracefully

The Banter King